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La Terraza’s History

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Some Sunday a few years ago, the beginning of this dream took place at Romanoski Park in the city of Detroit Michigan, With only a table, a three trays of ceviche, and a great desire to succeed.
Our first day of selling was a bittersweet experience. The first day is always has difficult obstacles to overcome such insecurity, shame, shyness and many other feelings. But nevertheless , our first day yeilded a sale of 50 percent of what was expected to sale. This became a source of motivation for the next Sunday. So the next Sunday came, and we were more relaxed and better prepared. We got to the park with all the faith that everything would be sold. Thanks to the support of family and friends, we sales sold everything.Thanks to all the positive comments, words of encouragement, and critical guiding customer comments, our dream gained strength and structure. With the profits made, we bought a large tent which was enjoyed by its customers because of cool shade casted.Summer returned and we returned to the same park with much enthusiasm. Once there, we find many new obstacles such as jealousy, blackmail, and exaggerated verbal abuse charges. Sadly discouraged, we left the park. With our hearts full of encouragement from our customers to continue to sell, we returned to the park, but only for a few Sundays. After more bad experiences there, we realized that we could not go back to the park. Thanks to this, we looked for a better location where could sell everyday and We started again on Vernor street parking “La Tienda del la Virgencita”..